Let's Tinker


Part I- Google Apps in Education
* Presentation
* Google Apps "explore" time
* Google Apps "tinker" time

1. A blank presentation will be shared with participants.
2. Each participant will be assigned to one slide.
3. Each participant will create a slide about one Google app (one you would most likely use), based on today's presentation- explaining - why - and how.
4. The finished presentation will be available for all participants and will be viewed at the conclusion of the Google Apps portion of the workshop.

Part II- Writing Globally
* Presentation
* Writing Globally "explore" time
* Writing Globally "tinker" time

1. Participants will respond to the post titled- "Let's Blog."
2. Each participant will respond to the blog post that has been created- after exploring Blogger and KidBlog.


Part III- Digital Curriculum
* Presentation
* Digital Curriculum "explore" time

Part IV- 2.0 Web Tools
* Presentation
* 2.0 Web Tools "explore" time
* 2.0 Web Tools "tinker" time

1. Go to Today's Meet backchannel. Give a 'Shout Out' for your 2-3 2.0 tools you're excited about and why!

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