Who are the Presenters?


Prior to the beginning of this session, feel free to visit Paula's blog- www.literacyshoptalk.com and Matt's blog- www.ditchthattextbook.com

About the presenters:

  Paula Neidlinger (@pneid) is an eighth grade Humanities and Interactive Media teacher at Lincoln Junior High School in Plymouth, IN. She is a globally-connected classroom advocate, as her students have blogged and connected with people all over the world. Her personal blog, Literacy ShopTalk is focused on “fostering a literacy-rich classroom culture.” Paula’s philosophy is if you want to foster a literacy-rich classroom culture, you must embed emerging technologies using multi-streams of information. She can be contacted at pneidlinger@plymouth.k12.in.us, pneid@literacyshoptalk.com or her class website- Neidlinger La 7 & 8-Globally Connected.

  Matt MillerMatt Miller (@jmattmiller) is a high school Spanish teacher at Turkey Run High School in Marshall, IN. His students engage in Spanish through educational technology regularly, including tools like blogs, digital videos and photos, QR codes, Google Voice and more. He blogs regularly at Ditch That Textbook, which is dedicated to teaching with less reliance on the textbook with an emphasis on technology and creative teaching. He can be contacted at matt@ditchthattextbook.com.

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