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Frustrated already. No connection and too fast.
Do you need to add the Flubaroo script to each form, or once to your Google Forms?
Our school is using my big campus. Is flubaroo an alternative to giving a quiz in my big campus?
Not sure how to add flubaroo script to form.
Feeling better. I need to get back to blogging and figure out a way to incorporate that into class.
I agree that new technologies allow us to share and construct knowledge in new ways!
In addition, new technologies help teachers and learners to communicate more efficiently
I agree there is movement toward a more personalized and collaborative education.
I love the ability to connect to people and communities from around the world!
I would argue that students might be leading the way.
I like the idea of personalizing education through technology
I agree that the sharing of knowledge, data and ideas is essential for 21st century learners.
Will universities also go to the cloud?
I would aspire to include greater use of technology in my classes.
I would argue that some teachers, like Matt and Paula are leading the way. Some are not.
There is an assumption about access to technology.
1. I agree - technology opens the door 4 educators 2 collaborate w/ colleagues & provides us w/ an opportunity to share & request feedback.
It raises the reminder to create global citizens who can access & evaluate information. The teachers' facilitator role is vital.
2. Does technology teach creativity & problem solving, or does it hinder it?
I think it can do both, Randi.
To be part of the conversation, one must know how to read and write at a certain proficiency.
3. I aspire to create more digital portfolio opportunities for my students.
The author assumes that all students have access to devices, both in the classroom and at home.
How is the inequity of access and experience addressed?
4. The author assumes that the cloud will facilitate collaboration & communication beyond the classroom. Will it?
I want my students to deepened their PCK and reflect on the affordances and constraints of using tools to probe students' learning.
Assumptions are that all teachers know how to use technology and embed it in their teaching.
We should aspire to rely more on portfolios rather than transcripts as evidence of student learning.
I agree with Deb - students are leading the way at this point. We're digital immigrants.
I aspire to utilize blogging or the chat feature of MBC for students to create study groups outside of the classroom.
Absolutely, Carey! Grades on a transcript don't show the entire picture and are the result of so many different variables...
...that they don't always show what content and skills the student actually mastered.
4. I'm glad the author is in a situation with total student access to technology.
2. I would like to see some data regarding the effectiveness of of video game design education.
The Crash Course in Biology might be a great review tool for Pearson Content exams. a great practical problem to demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem
You're a digital immigrant, Randi!
Resources for video game design (below):
Just finishing my entrepreneur unit - great selection of interviews with founders of nationally recognized corporations.
iTunes U:
Crash Course in Biology:
SAS also has a blog site!!
I'm still in awe that Paula organized a school wide tweet up about books!!! YAY!!
SAS tiene cosas para la profe de espanol!
Will I find extra information on nbc learn website? Are all resources on my big campus?
Hockey application to Geometry is great
FREE access to NBC Learn for Indiana:
NBC learn has the best and most current application to Pythagorean (?)
Un idioma nunca es suficiente.
I would really like to use some of the SAS materials, and I am going to make a symbaloo for my classes.
I'm going to use Piktochart for students to write lab reports
I'm thinking about ways to solicit opinions using answergarden
Many great tools to use for flipping the classroom.
I would definitely like to use Weebly to create a website for my classes....would use for PBL purposes too
I am going to get my links organized in diigo!!
NBC Learn for current events (I normally just use printed articles). allows you to combine files, videos into one video file another video program
I'm going to try the Twitter chat at #INeLearn even though Thursdays at 8:00 is Big Bang Theory.

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