Writing Globally
Using blogging as a digital journal, students will be able to reflect on their overall progress in the understanding and communicating of mathematics. Student’s use of blogging will provide them with the opportunity to improve their writing and reading comprehension skills. Most importantly blogging will allow me to promote a positive engaging learning environment for my students.

*  59 writing prompts for math teachers:

*  Blogs in the Mathematics Classroom (GOOD):

*  Blogging in the science classroom:

*  Pinterest board: Examples of Class blogs (35 pins):

*  Google search for “blogging in science class” returns lots of good examples of science class blogs

*  20 ideas for solid student blogging:

*  Matt’s “From blah to blog” session from last summer: 

*  Paula’s "Walk the Walk" blog about whether blogging truly develop the 21st century skills of Global collaboration, authentic learning, and digital literacy in our students?

2.0 Tools

Wiki Symbaloo page (w/ resources, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, etc.)

SlideShare: Using Diigo in the Classroom

How to use Evernote to manage your classroom

Richard Byrne’s “A Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Backchannels and Informal Assessment Tools”

Cybraryman’s backchannel page:

Wes Fryer’s classroom backchannels wiki:

Paula’s Thinglink examples from her class blog

Prezi about using Aurasma in the classroom:

How to use Piktochart in the classroom:

Paula's "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”- Piktochart

Matt’s class Weebly site:

Paula's Class Blogger site:

Paula's "Twittering- Empowering Student Voices"
Weebly beginners guide:‎


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